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So, I might be a bit obsessed?

Nothing new for those who know me, however.

Poison of choice (this time around anyway)? Sherlock (BBC)
I've had very little exposure to Sherlock Holmes before this: Wishbone, the movie Young Sherlock Holmes, and the Guy Ritchie movies being the notable exceptions. I had a general knowledge of the characters but no real attachment to any of them and a distinct lack of interest in mystery stories. I'm still not much of a mystery fan, but connection to characters? Yeah, BBC. You've hooked me.

So in honor of my new obsession, a first try at a daily meme.

Day 01 - Your favorite episode:
Season 1, Episode 1: A Study in Pink

As makes sense, first day is the easy one.

'A Study in Pink' has the unfair advantage of being an origin story and I am a sucker for those. Just the raw potential alone will give me a mental high, no matter the subject. I love seeing different interpretations of how two separate personalities (particularly unusual combinations of such) meet and interact. What social constructs will they hold to? Who leads, who follows? In what situations will they switch it up?

They did a fantastic job of sketching out all of the salient (both subtle and overt) personality points of each character. No one is one dimensional in the first episode (barring Molly, though that isn't for long), and when you take into consideration the number of characters and the amount of screen time each is given, I feel that's quite a feat.

I actually have a full review/meta planned for each episode, which I hope to get up soon, so I'm keeping this short. I probably didn't really explain why all of these points make it my favorite, but maybe the full analysis will help.


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